Coyotes Rumor Roundup – July, 2013

July 17, 2013 Including today, there are 16 days remaining until the deadline for submission of petition signatures to the City of Glendale. And, actually, the City will be deciding soon to give Mr. Jones an extra day, until close of business August 2, to eliminate ANY possibility of a trip to court about papers […]

Free Parking For Weiers

Kings make rules, they don’t follow them. Elected officials should do both. Marking Your Territory The mayor and Council Members have always had reserved parking in the parking garage attached to Glendale City Hall. Reserved, NOT assigned. That wasn’t good enough for one guy and his $93k per year assistant and Diet Coke retriever. Both […]

Renaissance and Glendale Discussing Arena

One of the principals of Renaissance Sports and Entertainment, Anthony LeBlanc, is scheduled to be in Glendale today to meet with Glendale interim (is everybody “interim” or “acting” over there?) City Manager Dick Bowers and (I believe) Executive Communication Director Julie Frisoni. Hey You Can’t Look The main topic of conversation will surely be the […]

Coyotes Rumor Roundup – June, 2013

June 30, 2013 In the interest of civic duty, I’ve added a link to the Arizona Secretary of State’s form for submitting an open meeting law violation complaint. Click here for the form. Why would you want that? Maybe you are unhappy that Ken Jones apparently received confidential information that had only been discussed in […]