Amy’s Baking Company, and the Coyotes

You can’t make this stuff up. The latest craziness discussion will require YOU to do some work, I’ll wait while you Google (or Bing) “Amy’s Baking Company” and read some of the results. Click here if you’re REALLY lazy and want one sample. Wow, huh? Yup, wow. So, how do you “fix” such a nightmare? There are […]

Coyotes: The Pastor Bid

Yesterday was another big news day for Coyotes fans, although once again it had nothing to do with actual hockey. Rest assured there are more big days and more surprises coming over the next few weeks. Probably big surprises. Hopefully POSITIVE ones, of course. The news yesterday was Darin Pastor’s group submitted their finalized bid for […]

The Cow Says “AMULA”

I’ve been speculating for awhile the NHL could decide to hold Glendale to an Agreement of Management, Use and Lease (AMUL) that could be significantly LESS beneficial to the City than any agreement they’ve currently negotiated with prospective owners. Certainly less beneficial than the agreement worked out with Hockey Partners (the Jamison group). I didn’t […]

Coyotes Rumor Roundup – May, 2013

May 31, 2013 We Love This Guy (Phoenix Coyotes) Here we are at the last day of May and a deal for the Coyotes has yet to be consummated. What’s the rush? It’s spelled T-I-P-P-E-T-T. Despite Don Maloney extending his contract with the team, my guess (based on published actual words from actual knowledgeable mouths) […]