Journalism, Schmournalism

You should be embarrassed, Mark Curtis, and you should apologize to the viewers you misled with your words yesterday evening. I’ll admit I missed it, having moved on from KPNX some time ago. While the video posted online doesn’t indicate anything, perhaps you actually identified your piece as an editorial rather than a news piece. […]

There’s a new sheriff in town, Joe

The Toughest Sheriff in America People all over the world know of the sheriff in Maricopa County, Arizona. It’s Joe Arpaio, the self-proclaimed “Toughest Sheriff in America”. As a resident of Maricopa County for a bunch of years, I remain more convinced of Joe’s foibles than his toughness, as is the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil […]

The Dangerfielding of Shane Doan

Phoenix Coyotes staff, coaches, players and fans have come to be used to the derision and lack of respect directed at them by hockey fans, particularly the elitist brand from Canada. It’s sometimes entertaining to bait the anti-Coyotes trolls that inhabit the social media outlets of the Internet. To be honest, some of the lack […]