Casino Referendum Failure In Glendale

Gary Hirsch and Jill Ryan recently teamed up to bring forth two referendum petitions squaring off against recent casino activity from the Glendale City Council. They have apparently hired Petition Partners as paid petition circulators. Click here for that story. This isn’t the first time this team has been rounded up for similar purposes. The first time was a […]

Politics Dooms Coyotes License Plate

On the face of it, you’d think the sole people to point fingers at for voting down the Coyotes special license plate (and others) in the same bill are the Arizona State Senators that switched their votes from “yes” to “no”. They do bear some of the blame, but maybe not most of the blame. […]

Arizona Coyotes License Plate Massacre

Senate Bill 1480 (SB1480) was shot down on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 by the Arizona State Senate with a 14-14-2 vote. The 2 doesn’t signify an overtime loss, it means two Senators didn’t bother to vote. Sixteen votes are required to pass the bill. Something happened between the “Third Reading” of SB1480 on March 20 and […]

Something In The Air

February 27, 2013 It would take a real “The Who” aficionado to have the song from one hit wonder Thunderclap Newman anywhere near the front of their brains, and I’m not that guy. You have Google, check out the band it’s an interesting story and not a bad song. Said song is running through my head this […]