One Way Transparency

Here we are again, boys and girls. There was so much material in the dirty tricks basket that I had to split it up into parts. This is part two. Click here for part one. We’re talking about Glendale and the handling of the arena management deal with IceArizona (the DBA type name for the […]

Coyotes Status Now

The Glendale City Council held their executive session meeting yesterday afternoon to discuss how they would deal with their city owned arena. Despite factions of the public being worked up into believing yesterday’s session would result in an immediate decision or a dissemination of information, that was never to intended be the case. By law. Executive Session […]

Glendale Bids and Budgets

Observers interested in the Coyotes saga in Glendale are aware the city hired Beacon Sports Capital to deliver vetted arena management proposals to the city for consideration. Most of those same observers are now aware Beacon has come up with four candidates for managing the Glendale owned arena. There is some confusion as to what the […]

Renaissance and Glendale Discussing Arena

One of the principals of Renaissance Sports and Entertainment, Anthony LeBlanc, is scheduled to be in Glendale today to meet with Glendale interim (is everybody “interim” or “acting” over there?) City Manager Dick Bowers and (I believe) Executive Communication Director Julie Frisoni. Hey You Can’t Look The main topic of conversation will surely be the […]