Another Doaner Post

January 10, 2013 BONUS: Click here for Doaner Game of Thrones background for your device courtesy The Shadowy One. BONUS: Click here for Coyotes players reactions to Todd Walsh regarding Shane’s role in the CBA. BONUS: Click here for Doaner talking with hockey reporter types early in the morning in NYC. My admiration for Shane […]

Loyalty Works Both Ways?

As Coyotes fans, we’ve known for a long time that we have something of a national treasure in our Captain. Yes, I always spell that word with a capital “C” when used referring to Shane Doan. Readers familiar with this blog, or me personally, know that I make no excuse for saying I love the […]

Note To Dan Bickley: Get Bent

Dan… We don’t know each other, probably never will. I don’t usually read your prose, in fact never, but I am interested in what other Coyotes fans have to say. It seemed your name was coming up in an unflattering context. Again. So, I decided to let you earn a click on me as I read your […]

Open Letter to Shane Doan from a Kings Fan

Here’s a cut and paste from a Kings fans Facebook post about our Captain: An open note to Shane Doan Hi Shane; I just wanted to drop you a genuine note of appreciation from a Kings fan. I’m not thrilled about how you pretty much single handedly beat us yesterday in game 4, but I […]