Cheap Shots

Sunday, December 9, 2012 Ken Jones and Francine Romesburg are adding a new flavor to the meaning of the word “bait”. While Francine relented after initially not allowing entrance of a person we know into her Wednesday “public welcome” Tea Party meeting at Denny’s, he and his daughter decided to go elsewhere after doing a head count of […]

Watch Your Six – Tea Bagger Edition

December 1, 2012, Here we are four days after the arena lease agreement between the City of Glendale and Hockey Partners was voted “in”. As predicted way back in “Watch Your Six – Part III“, there will be petitions circulated to obtain a referendum to kill the arena lease deal. Since my Nostradamicator was fully functional back then […]

Watch Your Six, Part IV

November 11, 2012 You still here? Good, let’s continue with our examination of what pressure might be applied to kill the newly renegotiated arena lease deal between the City of Glendale and Hockey Partners. I’ve decided to start using the more correct Hockey Partners moniker for the Jamison group so we’ll all get used to […]

Watch Your Six, Part III

November 10, 2012 We briefly discussed the reappearance of Ken Jones and his repeatedly stated intent of derailing the Coyotes deal. He and his then partner, Joe Cobb, tried once before waaaaay back in June of 2012. This blog is full of descriptions of their antics and those of their compatriots, the Goldwater Institute (GWI) who “represented” […]