Trollfail – Part Three

In Part Two, we mentioned the Arizona Coyotes decided on January 8 they had enough of the Twitter haranguing from @AZSportsHub. I assume there were meetings and phone conversations before the following Tweet was published. FYI #Coyotes fans: There is absolutely no truth to anything @SportsHubAZ reports. But we found his source… — Arizona Coyotes (@ArizonaCoyotes) January […]

Trollfail – Part One

It’s a dilemma. Presented with an individual bent on aggrandizing his presence by offering negative comments and spurious information: should he be ignored or taken to task for being ridiculous? Ignore Him, He’ll Disappear Conventional adult wisdom supports ignoring the pest because it’s clear ANY attention will feed his addiction, gratifying the desire for a glance from people […]

The Outrage of Laziness

It’s no secret that social media is riddled with a wealth of misinformation. Popular social media outlets provide an easily accessible and inexpensive avenue for people to forward their agenda, often by fomenting outrage with incomplete and/or inaccurate information. There’s a great deal of confidence that most people won’t do any fact checking, accepting inflammatory headlines and snippets disguised as “news” blindly. That confidence is […]