Trollfail – Part Three

In Part Two, we mentioned the Arizona Coyotes decided on January 8 they had enough of the Twitter haranguing from @AZSportsHub.

I assume there were meetings and phone conversations before the following Tweet was published.

Casey Gagnon (Facebook profile)

Casey Gagnon (Facebook profile)

The tweet is so clear that even Puck Daddy picked up on it (click here) with a “smackdown” post despite having also bitten on the Doaner trade story from @SportsHubAZ at least a little bit.

You’d think that might be the end of this, certainly the end of @SportsHubAZ relying on the bogus Coyotes “source” outed by the Easter Bunny.


Crossing Another Line

There were tragic events in France recently – terrorist attacks responded to with some courage by the populace.

Invoking something as heinous as terrorist events in which people were murdered as inspiration to refuse to be intimidated by a picture of the Easter Bunny is overheated hyperbole at it’s finest.

Coyotes fans have been called “thugs” by a Glendale City Councilmember (among others) for their efforts defeating referendums aimed at their team, adding the renegade pack moniker is fine.

However, Mr. Gagnon and everybody else should rest assured the Coyotes had NOTHING to do with any comments aimed at Gagnon’s ridiculousity (new word).

Dishing It Out

Backing up a bit here.

People that frequent Facebook and Twitter became fed up with the @SportsHubAZ content of frequent insults directed at people involved with the Coyotes. Those insulted are people we know, people we respect, people that do their jobs.

Todd Walsh is a broadcaster for Fox Sports who always does the work, is always prepared for a game, is a guy who paid his dues. He suffered online jabs without comment or complaint.

Can we can eliminate characterizing a person as an “angry hippo”, insinuating a person would spit phlegm in somebody’s face, and wondering if a person will scream in a fan’s face as “cyberbullying” in Casey’s world?

Conversely, mildly mocking “facts” provided in an amusing fashion by featuring an Easter Bunny picture IS “cyberbullying”.

Duly noted.

Girls Are Stupid?

The Arizona Republic’s Sarah McLellan doesn’t escape the biting wit of Gagnon, either.

libeled_lady_posterAs far as Coach Tippett not liking Ms. McLellan, I’d pay serious dollars to be in the area when Gagnon said that to him face-to-face. I imagine just the look on Tippett’s face and the tightness of his grimace would be enough to send Gagnon running out the door screaming.

Characterizing a female reporter as “that girl” is intentionally derogatory.

Characterizing any of Sarah’s questions as asinine is, in a word, asinine.

Please refer to the Barroway press conference video to decide for yourself if Mr. LeBlanc had to explain basic math to Sarah.

Sarah, to her credit, gracefully ignored the chirps from Gagnon.

Craig Morgan had some dishonorable mentions, Dave Zorn had some inflammatory posts directed at him, Rich Nairn and his staff are frequent targets, and there’s others.

None of those adults have complained of being “cyberbullied”.

Flexible “Cyberbullying” Definition

After the “bunny tweet”, Gagnon began a campaign of feigning outrage over faux “cyberbullying” in an attempt to garner the attention and support of other anti Coyotes people while he continued posting bogus Doan trade information.

And, yet…

It’s no stretch to suspect that, in Mr. Gagnon’s world, the only online insults that constitute “cyberbullying” are those directed at him. Certainly Gagnon doesn’t consider a jab about obesity “cyberbullying” or, if he does, decided to do it anyway.

The Pattern Is Clear

There’s no need to continue beating this dead horse. Suffice it to say Mr. Gagnon doesn’t look like he’ll quit anytime soon, despite attesting to the contrary.

A thinking person that has spent any time reading the #Coyotes Twitter hashtag or any of Casey’s social media feeds would have to agree Mr. Gagnon doesn’t have a leg to stand on with his complaints of “cyberbullying”.

A better argument could be made for Gagnon’s culpability for “cyberbullying” over the past couple years.

Neither the fans nor the Coyotes have come close to crossing the thresholds that Gagnon crossed, some of them could offer their objections to Gagnon’s online snark.

That won’t happen, though, none of the people targeted feel the need to complain about insults typed in their direction at 140 characters per.

Never Too Late

Fork In The Road

Fork In The Road

Casey, for the last time I will repeat my offer of hosting a WordPress blog for you, no charge, for a year. After that, I’ll help you move your site to another host for no charge if you wish.

You can use your own domain name if you want, the entire site will be yours.

No strings, no interference.

You’d have an outlet to publish anything you wished with no restrictions, certainly a better way to showcase your efforts than trying to do so on Twitter.

If you wish to keep up your current string of ridiculous posts on Twitter, so be it, that’s your choice.

Alternatively, you could channel that energy in a different direction. Put your head down and write whatever you want until you earn your way into the job you want. There’s no free lunch, in a crowded market there’s a lot of dues to be paid.

It’s up to you if you want to pay them.

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