Watch Your Six – Decision Time

November 27, 2012

Tonight is a big night for Coyotes fans and haters alike. We’re all nervous. I hope to see a good turnout of Coyotes people at the meeting tonight and I’m sure those people speaking will do us all proud.

It’s no secret that there have been threats of revisiting the petition for referendum that was such a disaster the last time it was attempted by Ken Jones and Joe Cobb and Goldwater Institute. There are people that are upset their best chance to rid Glendale of the Coyotes slipped through their fingers because of their inability to follow simple directions and, of course, the lack of interest from Glendale voters.

There was an interesting comment from the infamously rude anonymous Internet troll @RottenGlendale on Twitter just a little while ago. She seems to state that Sanderson Ford’s David Kimmerle stands ready to sponsor a new petition drive to get the lease on the ballot in 2014. Her threat is based on the amount of money Kimmerle threw away on his support of Proposition 457 on this most recent ballot which was defeated in a spectacular landslide loss.

The first tweet:

If the council approves this bad sports deal it won’t just be old man Jones out there in the heat collecting signatures 🙂

The above refers to Ken Jones and his attempt to gather signatures, mostly alone despite the promised support of the local Tea Party “Patriots” (according to Phil Lieberman’s admonishing email to them). She seems to imply that THIS time the deal will be threatened by more people collecting signatures. By the way, the last time there were so many egregious errors in the petition for referendum paperwork that the signatures were never even counted! But wait, there’s more. She needs to hammer the point home with another additional tidbit of information designed to send Coyotes people scurrying for the door.

Mr. Kimmerle is very helpful. We know that it takes resources to get a referendum and we’re ready. :0) Plus we can sue!

A lawsuit was filed the last time this came up for a vote and was killed. I assume there are squadrons of drone lawyers in the wings that have been looking at the arena lease agreement for some time. I’m also certain that Hockey Partners is equipped with a first class team of attorneys. I’m also certain that the City of Glendale has legal beagles that have gone over the agreement and the voting process and everything else to do with this deal. So, if it happens it will happen. A Twitter troll, however, is not likely to have anything to do with it.

The reference to “Mr. Kimmerle” implies that David Kimmerle will support their goal, presumably with money. Kimmerle is the owner of Sanderson Ford, a longtime sponsor of the Phoenix Coyotes. His stance on supporting Proposition 457 (anti sales tax) is seen by many as being an anti-Coyotes stance. Yet, he has publicly told Coyotes fans that he is pro Coyotes and was only against the sales tax in Glendale, not the arena lease deal.

So, is RottenGlendale telling the truth at ALL here? Her credibility is much less reliable than her venomous comments, so we’ll see soon enough.

I’ll see many of you Coyotes brothers and sisters tonight at the City Council meeting. Let’s hope the arena lease deal is approved tonight, the best result for out team and for the City of Glendale.

Semper Fidelis.

RottenGlendale Never Shuts Up



  1. If there is another court case I will not be covering it. New job does not allow me to spend hours during the middle of the day tweeting about court cases, but hopefully another FFH writer will be able to go.

  2. Christ Almighty…

    Watching the public comments in the meeting tonight was like watching “Glendale Shore”.
    Some nitwit quoting crazy figures like 1% of Americans possess 90% of the wealth. Another loon quacking.

    And then some were quite moving. The young man that allocated half his income to tickets this year, and that he worked a service-level job in Westgate.

    I hope to hell this thing is over with once and for all. Unfortunately with no season, trolls have little else to set their sights upon. Comments under articles lash out sourly.
    We shall see what we shall see.

    As for Sanderson Ford / Kimmerle…the adage “a fart in church” comes to mind:
    ” he has publicly told Coyotes fans that he is pro Coyotes and was only against the sales tax in Glendale ”

    Is that akin to “I voted for the war before I voted against it” ?
    Methinks that his bottom line is talking, and not his heart.
    He knows full well that the referendum impacted the Coyotes.
    Nothing out of Detroit finds favor in my motoring tastes, however I strongly encourage Mr. Kimmerle, like the proverbial “whore in church” to atone for his actions in a very public way…

    Say, Davey – how about calling up Sunnucks and letting him know that you are amongst the first to announce a full ad campaign for your dealership in support of the Coyotes once play resumes. You know, like the old days. Major advertising signage inside the arena; season-long promo culminating in a vehicle give-away prior to playoffs; commercials for Heeter and Matt on their venues.

    Put your money where your mouth is, rather than where it was…

    And who is the ROTTEN person?
    George points out it is a “her”.
    Is this indeed verified, or a variation on “girly man”?
    Nonetheless…another Tea Party jackass like those that cost 5 senate seats the past two election cycles.
    Are you a witch? Think rape is God’s will for procreation? Going to resort to a “second amendment solution”?

    Try litigation, Rotten…Jamison and the NHL can now unleash their Dogs of War against GWI and whomever else wishes to step in their way. They’ve waited more than three years for the opportunity. Hold out BOTH your hands, because you are about to get your ASS HANDED BACK TO YOU.

  3. George…

    This isn’t a “told you so” rather than a warning of “fool me twice, my fault”.
    After watching Glendale Shore last night and prior to retiring for the evening, I changed my normal radio station default to KFYI 550AM with the 6th sense that I would be far from disappointed with my intuition.

    Right on cue, at 6:53am, LINO (Libertarian in Name Only – more likely Leftist is the New Order) Jim Sharpe pi$$ed ALL OVER the Glendale City Council for their Coyotes / Jamison / Arena Lease deal.
    In fact, the aforementioned Mr Less than Sharpe even espoused of attending a Goldwater Institute dinner recently, and extended the wish that in some way they will re-introduce litigation with regard to the deal.

    So….be careful, brother George. I warned some time back of the facade 550AM was. Despite their sister sports station undeservedly being the Coyotes flagship station (please Mr Jamison…dump the cesspool of Bickley for a real sports radio station – preferably FM so it can be heard more than 600 feet from downtown after dark) 550AM is NOT going to be a friend if this gets litigious down the road.

    My guess is that between Box Car Kenny, the utterance this morning by Sharpe, and the threats by Rotten Teeth In Glendale something is still brewing on the horizon and while we feel this is the sweet smell of the new dawn, there is a stench that may very well soon permeate.