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PLEASE Get Your Flu Shot

Recently posted to Facebook is an article  “John Hopkins Scientist Reveals Shocking Report on Flu Vaccine”.  I want to point out that there are many news outlets that are only in the business of getting people to click on their page for the ad counters, and therefore they receive some sort of financial benefit. Before I get into the meat and potatoes of what I want to say I want this fact to be known; Influenza and it's complications account for up to 40,000 deaths annually in the United States.  That figure works out to 109.5 people every day if extrapolated out over a year. Also to be noted is that the article being cited in the webpage that was linked on Facebook, is based on a submission to the 13 May 2013 issue of the British Medical Journal, in the News & Views section, this is their opinion section of the medical journal.  Often when people hear an item is in a Medical Journal they assume it is a peer-reviewed study.   This was not a peer-reviewed article. Today … [Read More...]


Glendale Campaign Violations Update

Glendale has received three campaign finance law violation complaints for three currently active political committees. The fines for these violations should approach a million dollars. Click here for the details of those complaints. The three committees are funded by the Gila River Indian Community (who bear NO responsibility for these blatant errors) through an Independent Expenditure Committee (IE) named Neighbors for a Better Glendale (NFBG). The Chairman (Gary Hirsch) and the Secretary (Jill Ryan) of NFBG also serve as the Chairman and Secretary of two of the committees with campaign finance report irregularities. The complaints were filed with the City Clerk and the City Attorney … [Read More...]


Jason Rose Sues Coyotes Honchos

Jason Rose is back and starring in an AZ Republic piece. He's not in his role as the trusted advisor to Glendale mayor Weiers helping with the anti-Coyotes project, among other things. He isn't wearing his hat as the PR representative for the fabulously nutty Amy's Baking Company. This time Jason's wearing his polo tournament savior of the Coyotes hat, at the perfect jaunty angle of course. Let Us Stipulate We can all agree that Jason Rose had absolutely nothing to do with defeating the 2013 referendum attempt. The 2013 referendum attempt failed because no petitions were ever turned in. Even if those petitions had been turned in, the paperwork for the referendum was … [Read More...]


Bill For Barrett-Jackson? Over A Million

My top ten Barrett-Jackson rides for my own personal use was full of cars you could drive instead of parking in a museum. Had I populated my non-existent ten car garage with these things, I would have had to write a check for $1,020,350. Not bad, really! $495,000 - 1955 Talbot-Lago T-26 Grand Sport GSL Coupe I guessed this would be a a $200,000 car, I was wrong.It's on the list because of the way it looks, it's the right color and everything. If you complain it's not a driver, you'd be wrong because it's run five Colorado Grand and two Copperstate 1000 rallies. $20,900 - 1963 Pontiac Star Chief 4 Door Sedan This would need some air conditioning … [Read More...]


CenturyLink Is Horrible

Our address is in Cave Creek, Arizona although we live in a Maricopa County island. Our road is dirt and the neighborhood is full of horse ranches. A pack of coyotes lives behind our house and we hear them yipping nearly every night. There's no traffic noise, and there's really no crime. It's quiet and it's unusual to see an unfamiliar vehicle go past on the road. It's very peaceful and we expect to deal with some inconveniences for the privilege of living a rural lifestyle in a metropolitan area. Since we run several businesses and a non-profit organization from our home, we need twentieth century technology. Yes I am aware it is already the twenty first century, but we'd accept … [Read More...]


Secret Android Speedup WORKS

I'll admit I have yet to perform any scientific calculations on the effectiveness of the following change, I'd have to test it and then revert to the prior setup on my devices to do it correctly. Seat of the pants? This is a great change. You'll need to have Android KitKat 4.4.2 on your device for this to work. I believe right now that means having a Nexus 5 phone or a Nexus 7 tablet. Oracle, Schmoracle Oracle sued Google in 2012 claiming that the basis for the Android operating system running Java, the Dalvik virtual machine, infringed on patents oracle had acquired with it's purchase of Sun Microsystems. Oracle lost their case, but Google learned a lesson and started building … [Read More...]

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A Million Dollars Worth of Campaign Violations

The Gila River Indian Community has poured $273,471.62 (click here) of reported contributions into Glendale politics through the Neighbors for a Better Glendale independent expenditure committee … [Read More...]