If The Mouth Is Moving

If you haven’t seen the American version of “House of Cards” on Netflix, you should find a way to check it out. The parallels to real world US politics are chilling and it’s highly entertaining. Watch a couple episodes and you’ll be convinced that deception is the true art of politics. If a politician’s mouth is moving… It’s The Truth, […]

Lawyer Admits Glendale Campaign Reporting Violations

On Friday, October 24, the City of Glendale Clerk’s office received answers to formal complaints regarding campaign finance reporting violations, having granted the committees an extra four days to formulate their answers. The lawyer representing political committees funded exclusively by the Gila River Indian Community provided answers to each complaint, admitting errors for portions of each complaint. […]

Arizona Coyotes License Plate Massacre

Senate Bill 1480 (SB1480) was shot down on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 by the Arizona State Senate with a 14-14-2 vote. The 2 doesn’t signify an overtime loss, it means two Senators didn’t bother to vote. Sixteen votes are required to pass the bill. Something happened between the “Third Reading” of SB1480 on March 20 and […]

The Cow Says “AMULA”

I’ve been speculating for awhile the NHL could decide to hold Glendale to an Agreement of Management, Use and Lease (AMUL) that could be significantly LESS beneficial to the City than any agreement they’ve currently negotiated with prospective owners. Certainly less beneficial than the agreement worked out with Hockey Partners (the Jamison group). I didn’t […]