AEG and Glendale to Sign Arena Agreement

Tradition dies hard for hockey people, this year is no exception. As vacation time approaches for people with kids, arena season is ramping up fast in Glendale. The Glendale City Council will meet tonight (April 26, 2016) to approve a new arena management contract with AEG. The agreement will be unanimously approved despite hauntingly familiar […]

Westgate Parking Garage

There are plans afoot for Glendale to build a $46 million Westgate parking garage. Critics of the parking garage project abound, after all that’s a bunch of money being spent in an area where a bunch of money has already been spent. Many of the critics aren’t aware of or choose to ignore the history […]

Rules Aren’t for Hirsch

You would think receiving a letter that levied a $75,000 fine against your organization would get your attention and maintain it for awhile. In the case of the chairman and treasurer of three Glendale political committees? Not so much. File The Reports Independent expenditure (IE) and political action committees (PAC) must file campaign finance reports for every […]

As a Matter of Fact, Facts Matter

There’s a bit of misinformation floating around that should be cleared up. Coyotes and Glendale Payments The following from a local blog: The Coyotes payment of $1M bond and the city quarterly arena management payment of $3.75M are linked together and are to be paid concurrently. Neither has been paid to date. The Coyotes paid […]